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I build interfaces and experiences with a focus on web apps and simplicity. Currently Product Design Managager at Peakon. Previously Head of Design & Product at Nosco


Make the right people evaluate the right ideas

Our platform lacked muscle in two important areas: process and distribution of ideas to experts for evaluation. Here's how we addressed it.

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Product Design 2018

A Friendly Filter

The feedback was clear: Cients needed a way to track engagement and reach out to people who are less engaged or people who need to do certain things. A design sprint kick-started the design process.

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Product Design 2019

A better way to browse ideas

If you’re an administrator on a Nosco platform, chances are that you are managing thousands of ideas on a daily basis. For that you need a good overview and a seamless way to browse ideas.

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Product Design 2016

Nosco Rebranding

In 2018 it was time for Nosco to get a new self portrait. That's why we teamed up with the extremely talented branding agency AM from Copenhagen.

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Branding 2019

How a design system, principles, and tooling shape a company

For some time, I have been quite inspired by design systems, and with the addition of new team members and a growing business, developing a proper design system just made even more sense.

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Design Teams 2018 2019

Interview for DR3

In May 2019, I was interviewed for a new program on DR3 (Danish public service television) about getting "success" without having an education. Pretty much out of my comfort zone, but a very fun and cool experience! 😅 My point was: getting an education is maybe not the right or only way to become successful. But more importantly, define what success is to you and don't be afraid to do things differently.

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Interview 2019